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God’s Judgment On America — Part 2

God’s Judgment On America — Part 2
Continued from Part 1….

5. End-time Supernatural Revelations. Acts 2:17 promises “visions” and “prophesies” in the last days. I have become aware of and have collected records of visions and prophecies from various believers over a period of years. Some visions have clearly seen a surprise nuclear attack on America from Russian submarines. I also know of an older, respected pastor who had an apparent angel visit in his home, in his study late at night, with the same message of a Russian surprise nuclear attack from submarines. The being just suddenly appeared and disappeared out of nowhere. Also, George Washington reportedly had a vision in his day of America’s major wars and a final military attack on America. Read about A.A. Allen’s 1954 vision of an attack on America: click here

The idea of a submarine attack is exactly in line with Russia’s present defense policy. According to the Wall Street Journal (August 25, 1995), “One puzzling aspect of Russia’s defense policy is its emphasis on submarines….is still completing construction of submarines begun in the Soviet era, on about the same timetable as the Soviets produced them….(they) will enter the next century with the largest nuclear submarine fleet in the world.” Submarines are basically an offensive weapon. Why are they doing this? It must be part of God’s plan. For years, high-tech and missile-carrying Russian subs have shadowed U.S ships or invisibly and silently patrolled the U.S. coast under the radar/sonar cover of their fishing trawlers.

For a nation near collapse, on the brink of fascism, this is not a picture of peace and stability. Yet foolish American leaders continue to give billions of dollars to Russia (which they are using on armaments) and shrink our own military, crying, “peace and safety” according to 1 Thessalonians 5:3, “then sudden destruction shall come upon them.” With uncanny timing, just moments after I wrote this paragraph, Dateline NBC aired a report that the secret nuclear shelter built in West Virginia for our Congress is now closed and being dismantled — because it is no longer needed, since the “Cold War” is now over!
“Look! I am preparing a disaster for you and devising a plan against you,” God says. Russian submarines? He says to Magog, “You will devise an evil scheme….You will say, ‘I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people’” (Ezekiel 38:10). America, instead of Israel, or both?

Other Revelations. Highly esteemed missionary pioneer Hudson Taylor had a vision in 1855. He saw both world wars, followed then a spiritual awakening in Russia, Europe and elsewhere, as we are seeing, followed by the coming of Christ. Also, in 1930 a prophecy was reportedly given in Russia that a future leader named Mikhail, with a birthmark on his head, would bring open doors for the gospel, which would remain open “only for a short period of time, then it would end and the repression would begin again.” Plus, there were reportedly several prophecies in Russia in 1988 that “the door would stay open for about seven years.” The doors began opening in 1989; however, the Soviet Union did not officially dissolve until late 1991, which + “about” 7 years = “about” late 1998. (As this 1995 article is being updated in late 1998, Russia is in shambles, in economic collapse and political turmoil, and a soon return to tyranny is highly possible.)

At the present time, Islamic terrorism, possibly using weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), poses the greatest immediate threat to America. The other dangers mentioned are still applicable.]


There are three witnesses to the above scenario that seem to confirm one another: (1) Scripture, (2) contemporary world events, and (3) agreeing supernatural revelations, such as visions and prophecies. God will answer and honor prayers for revival, even though judgment on the nation has already been decreed. Revival and harvest will come — but possibly as a result of judgment, and not instead of, a typical biblical pattern. Where is the Rapture in the above scenario? We cannot be sure, and must not be presumptuous.

With amazing timing, as God often confirms things to me, the same week this was first printed, NBC News reported new Pentagon alarm at Russian submarines lurking just off the U.S. coasts! Also, just as I was finishing this report, two different audio tapes came to me, both unsolicited, from two people I have never met, both with the message of God’s coming judgment on America! Months later I received a similar message the very same day I received a newsletter headlined, “It’s Time to Weep for America.”
Message to the Church. It is time to boldly “blow the trumpet.” The warning should be greatly sharpened to more of a Jeremiah-type warning, that actual destruction is coming, not just deteriorating social conditions or loss of freedoms. “If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” (1 Corinthians 14:8). The trumpet call should be to God’s own people, since “judgment must begin at the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17). God’s message to His people today is to humbly walk with Him in obedience and to come out of the world’s value system. Christians should get ready to joyously meet their soon-coming King, and tell as many others as possible about God’s grace and salvation.

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(Final Note: In one U.S. Air Force assignment, I was a “Minuteman” — the commander of a Minuteman ICBM nuclear missile launch crew responsible, if so ordered in the event of attack, for vaporizing ten Russian cities/targets, and in personal possession of the top secret war code. Always “on alert,” I was only seconds away from the President’s launch command, unsealing the code, and ending civilization as we know it. America’s leaders have now dismantled many missiles and reduced other defense systems, but oddly, in a spiritual sense, and in one of God’s “coincidences,” I am still a “Minuteman,” still on alert, and still only seconds away from the King of king’s shout and command, with His code (from His Word) already being “unsealed,” and with civilization as we know it soon to end.)


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